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COUNTER/Weight 19: The Road You Take And Who You Take It With

December 24, 2015

With Ibex's threat in the air, an old ally reaches out to The Chime with an offer: Learn about your enemy before you suffer the same fate I did. The group--with a few surprise additions--steps into the past to find out what exactly happened ten years ago. Before she was Queen-Captain of the Weightless, who did Tea Kenridge command? What did Addax mean when he said he hurt Cassander? Who piloted the Kingdom Come before it was decommissioned? Why didn't the Rapid Evening stop the war? And what ever happened to Jace Rethal?

This week on COUNTER/Weight: The Road You Take And Who You Take It With

Let's get this show on the road!

Hosted by Austin Walker (@austin_walker)

Featuring Keith J Carberry (@KeithJCarberry), Jack de Quidt (@notquitereal), Ali Acampora (@ali_west), Andi Clare (@captaintrash), Andrew Lee Swan (@andrewleeswan) and Art Tebbel (@atebbel)
Produced by Ali Acampora
Cover Art by Craig Sheldon (@shoddyrobot)

Intro Music by Jack de Quidt