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Jun 11, 2021

This episode contains content warnings for teeth, implied harm to animals, and alcohol. 

With a loud cry, the truth began to spread through Blackwick County. The mysterious egg sac once nestled into the recovered nest structure had been stolen and its guards coldcocked. Now, the Blackwick Group must trace it...

Jun 4, 2021

This episode carries content warnings for skin blisters and boils, hallucinations, and scrimshaw done in teeth.

There is a sense of verve in the air by the time the suns rise on Blackwick, today. Visitors arrive from every entry: A magnificent shape train at the station. A caravan and its bazaar. The grand opening of a...

May 28, 2021

This episode carries content warnings for insect infestation, brief descriptions of bones, decorative bone carving, and disembodiment.

Safe in the company of the Didacts of Genburi, Lye Lychen, Duvall, and Es have a moment to rest and consider their options. Between this studious temple and the safety of Blackwick is...

May 20, 2021

This episode carries content warnings for insect infestation, brief descriptions of eye trauma, general body horror, and blood. 

Roseroot Hall revolts. All the dye and resin and wool have come undone, dripping down the walls, unfurling across the floor. And unfortunately for the Blackwick Group, they have no intention...

May 14, 2021

This episode carries content warnings for description of haunting, disorientation, dissociation, insect infestation of a human body, and discussion of slavery, sacrifice, and mass death.

Having arrived at Roseroot Hall, the Blackwick Group’s investigation into the manor’s supposed haunting may finally begin. The...